Periscope? How Towns Can Use It

Periscope may be the “new kid on the block” –but it is taking the world by storm. Since its launch in March –Periscope has accumulated 10 million active accounts. This after it reached one million users during its first ten days after launch. Currently, Periscope is the number one fastest-growing social network to date! In… Read More

Exit Interviews at Town Web Design

At Town Web Design, we work hard to provide exceptional customer support –and offer high-quality responsive web design services at competitive prices. Most of our clients are happy with the work that we provide. Our websites are simple to edit, and uploading your Town Web website with meeting minutes or other information is a simple… Read More

How to Accept Payments on Your Municipal Website

Accepting payments online isn’t just for ecommerce sites; it’s a great feature for municipalities as well. Many municipalities are starting to accept online payments, making it easier for town residents to make payments, and reducing the work that’s required to process the payments. Online payments can be used for everything from bills and taxes to… Read More

Online Forums: Are They Right for Town Websites?

Discussion boards, message boards, or forums –whatever you call them, they all have the same purpose: to provide a place for members to comment, and discuss various issues, interests, or concerns. While the purpose of adding a discussion board to a town website is usually done in the interest of transparency –enabling the public to… Read More

Fillable Forms for Your Website

Fillable forms are a great solution for websites, providing a great way to streamline communication. They make life easier for visitors –and organizations alike, and provide a simple-to-use solution for transferring information. They also serve as a secure way to transfer confidential data, allowing visitors to fill them out with the peace of mind in… Read More

The Troubleshooting Process for Town Websites

How many times have you sat on hold while a technician on the other end of the phone tried to walk you through a troubleshooting process? The process can be time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention –all too often it’s effective. Since every problem is unique, the troubleshooting process should also be unique. Unfortunately though,… Read More


All About Analytics for Town Websites

One question that comes in regularly from municipal customers is the request to add what’s known as a ‘hit counter’ to their website. A hit counter is a small, online counter that sits on a section of the web page, and counts how many visitors arrive on the page. But while this small device can… Read More