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We provide a comprehensive platform that makes you extraordinary at your job! You can easily transmit notices and official municipal information to your residents with our comprehensive communication platform. Your residents stay informed...always!

Get a no-cost website redesign every three years!

Your residents, tourists and visitors will never say your website looks outdated, and your municipality will enjoy that benefit for as long as you stay with us. As far as we know, Town Web is the only web design, hosting and support company who provides you with a new, no-cost website redesign every three years. It is included as part of your hosting/maintenance contract with Town Web.

Get Support 24x7x365

You get 24x7 technical support from our staff, a benefit you won’t get from any other municipal software companies. You can call, email or chat with us whenever you have a question or a support issue. We think our sites are super easy to edit, but if you’re just too busy to do it on your own, give us a call. For no additional charge, our superstar support team will make edits or post on your behalf. Try us!

Your Costs with Town Web Are Fixed — They Don’t Increase

Every municipal customer at Town Web has a fixed annual cost. This means that you won’t need to rely on expensive third-party IT services to manage and maintain your communication platform or wonder who to call. Everything is done for you by the Town Web team. The cost is affordable. Towns like yours get an “all-you-can-eat” service from us. This includes free 24x7 technical support from our staff, a benefit you won’t get from other municipal web design companies.

We can launch your new platform in about 2 weeks!

All new customers meet with a dedicated Account Manager and Project Manager in a Face to Face meeting over Zoom, our easy to use video conferencing service. We have two main meetings: Meeting #1: Onboarding. We work with you to find the design, style, content and layout you want to have for your website solution. Meeting #2: Site Reveal. During this meeting we will gather any needed changes or edits required in order to make your new municipal solution live.

13 years in business

We have been in business since 2007, serving municipal customers across the United States.

Powering over 550 municipalities

Over 550 (and counting!) municipal boards and councils across 30 states receive the benefits of awesome, personable and FREE support. We make you extraordinary in your job!

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